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1894        -    Following the Jesuit Fathers’ concern for education for boys, the Dominican felt inclined to assist in the education of girls.

1898        -    This year saw the establishment of a Dominican Sisters’ convent and School for Girls.

1899        -    marked the beginning of the first academic year where students were taught reading and writing arithmetic, English and some practical work.

1915        -    The girls got a new school building to replace a thatched shed. By this time, the attendance was 150 girls and by 1917 it had risen to 200 girls.

1967        -    Chishawasha Girls’ Secondary School was established, headed by Fr. Cogger, with an enrolment of 65 girls and 3 teachers.

1968         -    In this year the school had:

   4 classrooms
   2 laboratories
   1 administration block

Form 1        -    72 girls
Form 2        -    51 girls
TOTAL             123 girls   

Head:Fr Cogger


1969 – Dominican Sisters of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus were declared the Responsible authority and the school name changed to St. Dominic’s Secondary School.

Sr. Concilia Renner was the head, new blocks were built an administration block, a dining room, a hall and a boarding place for about 300 girls.

1969 Enrolment:

Form 1        -    77 girls
Form 2        -    66 girls
TOTAL        -    143 girls

1990        -    The school, through levies paid by parents, bought a 75 seater bus and the bus shelter was also built that same year.

1992        -    The school, held the St. Dominic,s Secondary School silver Jubilee. It was at this gathering that the idea of establishing Commercial  Studies class was agreed upon.

1993        -    The  Commercial Studies opened with an enrolment of 37 pupils. This was due to the school’s realization that it was not all students who completed secondary education who proceeded to Advanced level.

1994        -    The school, through levies paid by parents bought a minibus –  Toyota Hiace – 16 seater.

1997        -    The school, through levies paid by parents purchased

1997        -    The computer room (formerly for 3 East classroom) was Established and 22 computers were bought in November 1997.

1997        -    Laboratory installations by Hallmark Systems and designed by C.F. Tulley.

        -    “A” Level expansion idea was conceived at the Centenary celebrations in  1998.

1999        -    Fundraising begins and donations were also received from Corporate companies. Germany Friends, Beit Trust etc. and the school had a target of   twenty five million Zimbabwean Dollars.

2000        -    Construction of “A” Level classroom block stated and the Main Contractor was HwangeBuilders.
                A new spacious library also built.

2001        -    “A” Level Hostel construction began and meanwhile “A” Level. Students were using junior pupils’ hostel (Gunhill) for accommodation.
2002        -    Completion of “A” Level hostels construction.

2010         -    Lower Six new hostel block construction began by the " Inyati Builders "

2012        -    Lower Six hostel construction complete.